No need for creativity. We've got fear on our side. (Transcript from an agency brainstorm.)

Thanks showing up today guys. We're just gonna spend a few minutes ideating, uh, ways to curb underage drug consumption. I believe 'curb' was the language planning landed on earlier. That way things aren't quite a failure if we don't, you know, technically lower rates. It's one of those ambiguous things people say but no one really means. Our little secret.

And I had this great idea this morning, just spitballing here, no idea's a bad idea, and..and I've just been thinking about the cessation category as a whole. And you know what works really good? I mean really, really good? Wins big every year at the award shows.


Jim that is exactly right. Thank you very much. 

Fear-mongering. Like when your parents told you you'd grow hair on your palms if you jacked off. I shave four times a day! Should have taken their advice but the past is the past. 

Anyway, that's how we should going about combating, I'm sorry curbing all this underage drinking. Or pot taking. Susie do people still take pot? 


No matter. That's beside the point. Or..or..or.or.. maybe cocaine. No, yes I know it's fun. But we don't have tell kids that. They'll learn in time. 

We gotta scare them away from this stuff. And you can't scare without the hot breath of fear behind them. It's the only way to appeal to these kids. If we treat them like they have critical thinking skills or brains you know what? Those poor fucking kids won't have brains if we let them do drugs. That's a great idea, write that down. "Drugs: if you do them you won't have a brain."

I like it! I think that's a solid positioning. Good line. Now we just need images. Death. Bad teeth. A little girl, run over by a car bleeding into the street. Oh yes! Yes! Yes! A young boy huddled under a blanket with the word 'Crack' on it. I'm going to remember that one once wages are unfrozen, Dustin. Don't you think I won't.

Alright I think this was an exemplary session. We're in a great place. Just keep pushing it. Remember: fear is our friend. Shoot me comps by end of day. Email's fine. Don't bother checking my office, I'll be down at the bar nursing a couple of well deserved pints. 

Great work everyone.