Atlas Obscura

When I was little I dreamt about all the strange places in the world. Places that were different from my little St. Louis suburb. Mostly because I liked anything new different or extreme. (It's the same reason I had so into the Guinness Book of world records.)

These places exist despite the rest of the world asking them to fall in line. They are places of passion, or independence, or chance. They just stand out and can't do anything about it. And people, me included, are obsessed with these special places. They want to take a trip to them, or look at pictures, or bring them up at a dinner party.

Which is a long way of telling you I've just found a website that is all about these places. It's called Atlas Obscura and I got lost in it for hours. You might like it too if you're a fan of all the bizarre places the world has to offer.