Everybody's waiting for the weekendly linkly.

Been a while since I did one of these. Here's the greatest hits since the year began.

A look at one of the most interesting restaurants and chefs in LA. I went here. It's a strange dining experience. The food is cheaper than it should be, the restaurant is extremely quiet, and it's only around for a limited time. Even if you can't eat there you should read about it.

Triage thinking and advertising.

What Orwell can teach us about war and language.

What it's like to date a horse.

Thoughts about agency bigness.

Rethinking the consumer

An article about comedian Kate Berlant, a very funny person whose work you should become familiar with.

A podcast dedicated to dissecting individual components of songs.

In the same vein, Paul Belford breaks down the thinking behind one of his great ads.

Charlie Kauffman chats about Anomalisa.

One DP's 10-year quest to digitally replicate the look and "feel" of celluloid.

BriTANick finally has a new sketch out. A a pilot order from

Google streetview in a miniature world.

Pretending to be a gay rapper.

Eat crap!

Some very funny people made a very funny movie.

My friend directed this video for a rapper you may have heard of. (You know, the one who owns Ciroc.)