Ferran Adria week.

Sometime last year I started reading Ferran: The Inside Story of El Bulli And the Man Who Reinvented Food. (For the non food-obsessed El Bulli was ranked best restaurant in the world five times before shuttering for good in 2011.) If it's not apparent from the title, it's a book about the restaurant its head chef: Ferran Adria.

Books like this usually go fast for me but this one took nearly a year to finish. It was just so dense. Every page seemed to have something interesting on it. And I found myself exhausted after reading a chapter or two.

That said, the book had a profound effect on me. It is the story of an unassuming man who changed food across the globe. (For better or for worse is up for debate.) You can see techniques pioneered at El Bulli in most restaurants today.

So this week I've decided to do something a little different. Have an entire week dedicated to the man and the things I learned from the book. There was just too much there to make it into a single post. (Either that or I'm bad at reducing a book down to its essential elements. Sorry.)

So please check back during the rest of the week if you want to learn more about him. Or you could buy the book and cut me out of the process entirely.