I Know You.

Yesterday I was listening to an presidential historian on NPR.

He spoke about the Obama presidency, but ended with a story about FDR.

Rather about FDR’s funeral.

The expert said on the day of FDR’s presidency a mourning man fell crying into the street. Another man approached him, helped him up and asked, ‘Did you know FDR?’ The crying man looked at the inquirer and answered;

‘No, but he knew me.’

This is what every brand should be looking for.

And what every creative should hope to help a brand become.

Thankfully for us this has become somewhat easier.

Brands with a message that resonates can find their audience utilizing social and traditional media.

Of course more brands are vying for attention, but if the message and effort is good people will create a real connection.

With that connection it is easier for someone to believe that their brand knows them.

I know that is what I’m striving to create, are you?