If you don't got links get out of my face. It's the somewhat-weekly linkly.

And so the day came when the US dollar had depreciated so much it was routinely used as hamster bedding. In that land, links were the only currency that matters. This post is my savings account.

Pocket Change

An excellent, savage piece of writing about one of music's blandest acts. And 24 other tracks that are indicators about where music is heading. If you read one thing this week make it this. (Warning: there songs autoplay for a few seconds. So if you're Puth-averse you should mute this ASAP.) 

A missive about advertising's talent crisis and the root causes of it. This is the second thing you should read this week. Which is why it's second.

Two pieces on great ad people. The first is lunch with Tim Delaney. The second is a look back at the career of of Hal Riney.

Funniest thing I've read in a while. "Looking back at the poop so toxic it grounded a plane."

How Gü became Gü.

Remember the Social Network's Trailer? Birdman's trailer? Anomalisa's trailer? All this guy. The most visionary movie trailer editor in Hollywood

W+K is trying to reduce their working hours. Hopefully this is an industrywide trend.

Why are so many doors hard to understand?

Photos from the trash museum which is decidedly less trashy than it ought to be.

The movie set that was a full working city and might not ever become a movie.

New York millionaires who want to be taxed more. They can afford it, they say. Who are we to not believe them? 

Advertising's best planner is back with another great post. Fuck art. Let's advertise.

Bonds, Government Bonds.

Trains in distress.

Cool music video that must have taken an inordinate amount of work to do.

Burying someone in the desert is hard work.

How to lose weight in 4 easy steps.

This place was around the corner from my apartment in Chicago. It's open 24 hours a day. Every day. Because it was cheaper in the early days to stay open than to close up and deal with thefts. It's so good and if you're in Chicago I implore you to go stuff your face with a polish or a pork chop sandwich or at least a hot dog (they don't do them as Chicago dogs, just onions and mustard.) Beware of the sport peppers.

How to win an election.

Another video that must have taken so much work to accomplish.