It's a strange kind of feeling when all you give is links and it's just weeks in return.

You see what I do for you people? You see these links? These are my legacy. And I give it to you. I give it alllll to you.


  • The Current State of Podcast Advertising Is Not Ideal by Dustin Marshall, creator of Feral Audio. This is such a good blog post from someone who's in the shit every day trying to help other people make art. Feral, and by extension Dustin, produces most if not all of my favorite podcasts. The artists are given more freedom that anywhere else and it's all done for practically no money. I'm as interested as anyone to see what he has planned to make it more profitable because it's a company that deserves to be drowning in cash.



Phillip Seymour Hoffman on Happiness

Very compelling unboxing video. (via Copybeard)

Mee-eaters. Can't even begin to describe this one.

What is a photocopier?

Brief primer on Frankenstien.

Some people flourish in the wake of a natural disaster. And we're not jus talking about corporations.

This space left intentionally blank for the Creative Fuel case study piss-take everyone's been passing around. Go find it on literally other ad blog.