Little Details

Today I went shopping at Nordstrom.

I know; tough life.

Regardless the overall experience of shopping at Nordstrom seems to exude an air of class.

The piano being played by the escalator.

The attentive (and well dressed) sales staff who provide you with space- just not too much.

No garish red CLEARANCE signs.

Everything seems to justify the clothing prices.

The receipts even are printed on slightly thicker stock.

However, as the customer goes to sign the receipt he is handed a Bic Round Stic.

Not a huge deal, but it  breaks the illusion Nordstrom has tried so hard to cultivate.

Instantly you’re reminded, ‘Oh yeah, I’m in a mall.’

What if instead of a generic pen Nordstrom used a Mountblanc?

Or a great fountain pen the sales person dipped in ink for you?

Or a Uni-Ball deluxe; a personal favourite of mine.

It may not improve the customer experience that much.

However the best additions are the ones most often taken for granted.

Little details that make people say, ‘shopping there just feels nicer.’

Details that make people to choose Nordstrom over Macy’s every time.