Parody as legitimacy.

I'm currently taking a sketch writing class and it has me thinking about parody. Parody and satire have always fascinated me. I can still remember buying my first Dr. Demento CD and listening to it over and over. Thinking how funny it was that people could make funny music. That popular songs could be turned into something that said something about eating/life was a world shattering realization at that time in my life.

This left such an indelible impression on me that when a couple of friends and I were enrolled in an after-school math program we used to ignore the lessons and write parodies of rap and Gorillaz songs. (One of the reasons I'm horrible at math to this day.) I'm fairly sure those notebooks are still somewhere in my parent's house but will never surface due to shame and embarrassment. And whenever I see a trope my first instinct is to make fun of it or see how I could twist it into something strange.

I've always liked parody because it didn't allow anything to be too precious. You can't take yourself seriously when you don't take anything else seriously. At least I cant.

The other thing I love about parody is that it's a form of legitimizing. What I mean by that is that when a trope or an idea is deemed interesting/compelling enough by someone else to do a parody of it that's when an idea really sticks. To steal a phrase from Dave Trott it's an idea that's "made it into the language." Now sometimes it's the negative aspect of something that's being parodied but we don't have to get into that now.

This is all a very long way of saying that I've assembled a smattering of my favorite parodies (ad and otherwise) to keep here as a resource.

And tons other I've either forgotten or can't find on the internet. If I miss any of your favorites let me know in the comments.