R.I.P. David Abbott

David Abbott is the first copywriter in The Copy Book.

Even if it wasn't organized alphabetically that's where he'd belong.

Because in my opinion, and the opinions of others far more qualified to make decisions like these, David Abbott is the best copywriter who ever lived.

For me, back in 2009, his Economist ads were a slap upside the head.

After that there was that campaign and every other print campaign trying to be as good as it.

It made me realize things I didn't know I needed to realize.

Of course billboards could be that simple!

Of course you could write so forcefully!

Of course you could be funny and serious in the same handful of words!

Not only could you be, you might have to be to have work that's any good.

And this is without getting into his many other successes.

The agency he built.

The myriad brands he built.

The respect he built for the ad industry as a whole.

Or speaking to his personality. (I can't because I've never met him but have heard nothing but good things.)

There are also far better summations and blogs devoted to him. Namely Ben Kay's and Dave Trott's excellent blog entries. 

And if you're not familiar with Abbott's work (I can't imagine that's the case) you should take this time to familiarize yourself. I'll make yours way better and probably make you smile. 

Then frown. Because a certain class of copywriter just doesn't exist any more.

Thank you Mr. Abbott for making the ad industry better than it ever needed to be.