Rolling On Dubs

This is Jake Dub's blog from his tenure at the VCU Brandcenter.

His blog is dead.

Don't laugh. Never again will he post another picture or write another word.

He's done because the blog had one purpose, follow his experience through the Brandcenter.

Jake's blog is a step above those of most other Brandcenter students.

Every week he would post a quote from an advertiser or celebrity and explain how it pertains to his life.

He talks about what inspires him, ads that he digs and content that means something.

There's no 'my cat did the cutest thing last night' posts. Everything has a reason behind it.

And his demeanor is so laidback letting his personality and passion come through.

I'm a big sucker for the way he signed every post 'dubs. out', it's just cool.

His blog kicked my ass. I realized I was competing against VCU students when applying for jobs or internships.

And Brandcenter students do awesome work.

(case in point)

Work that is inspiring for the future of advertising.

The hard work from two years of rigorous advertising study shows in their books.

Copywriter grad from 09 Tristian Smith wrote the Google "parisian love" commercial at the super-bowl.

Just sayin.

Above all Jake's blog made me want to elevate my work to that level.

I hope he decides not to take down this blog because I know it inspired me.

If you take the time to read it it will inspire you too.

*This ad is the work of Jake Dubs, Copywriter at 72 and Sunnny. Make sure you check out his personal site. The writing on the first page is brilliant.