Smash a bottle of whiskey. Walk out on your family. Leave all your troubles behind. It's the Weekly Linkly.

Just a reminder you probably shouldn't take advice from hastily-written blog titles.


  • Dick Tie Kickstarter. (Ties that looks like dicks. Not ties for yours. That's my Kickstarter that I'm launching it next month!)


Fuck the Poor. Simple and great. Don't care if it's fake or not.

Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton - Trailer.

The Ad Contrarian laying down knowledge at Ad Week Europe.

Exploring Off-Limits New York from Animal New York

Rise of the Patent Troll by 'Everything is a Remix' creator Kirby Ferguson

What does sound look like?

Now get! Get back to your family and ask them to forgive you and that they're more important than a smattering of internet links. Hold them and rock them and tell them you love them.