The Best Posts I Encountered in 2011 (pt. 1)

Compiling this list last year was a relative breeze. My RSS obsession had yet to hit its peak and I only had half a year to contend with. Then 2011 hit and I did a bit more reading (to the tune of nearly 40,000 blog posts if my Google Reader is to be believed). Unsurprisingly there were a lot of notable things I consider worth sharing. So many, in fact, that I've had to split them in two. This list contains the first half of 2010 and a subsequent one next week will have the latter half. That was it doesn't take 40 years for you to get through (and it breaks it up a bit for me). Enjoy!

My Favourite Writing Series - Sell! Sell! Blog
An enlightening look into some very successful copywriter's favorite work. I always love series like this because it exposes me to great work and interesting thoughts from people I respect. It's cheating a bit, because the posts span this entire year, but they're all worth reading.

Can I See Your Book? - David Oakley
A classic example of how being the right kind of creative in a scary situation can pay dividends. Even if it goes against conventional wisdom.

Scowling In The Dark: The Other Side of Blogging - Angela Natividad
Few posts I read last year got me as emotional as this one. At the time it came out it spoke to the situation I was in and helped me understand my own situation better. A must read for anyone who hasn't already.

Raising Your Hand - George Tannenbaum
A lot can be said for putting in more effort than anyone else. It's the smart thing to do if you care about moving forward in your career.

An Argument for Intelligent Interactive Advertising From 1972 - AdPulp
The more I learn about advertising the more it seems that popular wisdom today is just old thoughts that get found again. It's a strange version of Nonvelty, where people assume an idea is new simply because it is new to them.

Sweating Ad Copy Like 'Mad Men' - David Droga
The worth of a copywriter is sometimes questioned by people who proclaim the web is a visual medium. David Droga chose to squelch those thoughts by publishing an editorial in The Wall Street Journal for everyone to see, not just those who read the trade mags.

Musings On America's Obsession With Winning. - Luke Sullivan
A great post about adding perspective to your life. A first job may not be the one you're dying for, but it's a chance. Seize it.

Traditional vs Digital. It's all Advertising. Everybody hates it. - Vinny Warren
THIS is how you write an manifesto. Defining who you are while giving hope to others. A truly awesome post.

Nice bit of copy, son - Steve Henry
The idea of creative theft is pretty heated but Steve's opinion is that it's not so bad, done the right way. Blatantly stealing something and co-opting culture are two related but vastly different concepts, he helps you walk the line between them.

"Who the f*ck is Wayne Gretzky?" - Make The Logo Bigger
The post that got me watching Kevin Smith's "Too Fat For 40." It's a documentary about many things but mostly about the evolution of someone's creative process. Read the post then watch the film on Netflix.

Jack of All Trades - Ben Kay
A simple list of the what skills you need to possess to be a creative worth your salt. Proficiency in Microsoft Word not included. Also check out the post 'Standing On The Shoulders of Absolutely Fucking Nobody.' It's a bit discouraging, but a great kick in the ass.

Creativity Has Nothing To Do With It, What We Like Has Nothing To Do With It, and We Couldn't Even Get Arrested - Dave Trott
I've already written about Dave's blogs at length. These are three standout posts from the early part of last year.

AdVerve 74 McGamification - Bill Green and Angela Natividad
The podcast I've listened to over and over and over again. In typical AdVerve style it's snarky and enlightening. Listen you some!

If Advertising Isn't Driving You Crazy, You're Not Paying Attention - The Ad Contrarian
A catutionary tale of what you could face should you make it into this crazy business. Great read. Funny. Tragic. Everything you'd expect from TAC.

Stay tuned for part 2 next week! Thanks for being loyal readers this year.