The Gospel of Godin

Whoa there! Didn’t realize it’s been a few weeks since my last long post. Thank you to my few readers for sticking with me while I devoted myself to my studies. Since it’s now summer you should expect more rapid postings, even if it’s just a video or a link I find really cool. With that let’s talk about the next blog that helped inspire me.

The blog belongs to Seth Godin, a writer, thinker and twitter non-user (you can read about his reasons here). Seth has some awesome videos on youtube and some great insights on his blog. You may have even watched a few of his videos without realizing who it was, I know I did. Like many of the blogs I read he does not preach about the state of advertising. Rather he is explains what people should strive for and articulates things you may not have recognized.

One of the greatest things about Seth’s blog is that he posts once or twice a day. The posts are easily digestible and I have an ah-ha moment about once a week thanks to Seth. Read back through his posts and I think you’ll be able to pull some great insights out.

I’m also excited about being able to see Seth live in Minneapolis this august. If you have a chance to see him lecture in New York or on his current presentation tour you should do it too. Student tickets are 19 bucks (Adult tickets are around $450). If you are a student there is no reason not to go. If you cant make it then just subscribe to his RSS feed and watch his videos online.

edit: I forgot to include a link the web address is