The Terrible Case of T-Mobile: Part 3

This is the final entry in my three-piece case study of T-Mobile. Select part one or part two to read the entire series.

The last issue T-Mobile USA faces is their marketing strategy. Their current campaign for the ‘Even More Plus’ plan is forgettable at best, and at times a downright eyesore. The TV spots touting “America asked for it. We Delivered.” are more along the lines of forgettable. When asking anyone what they think of the spots I am usually met with blank states and the response ‘which ones are those?’

Not only are the commercials forgettable the delivery is insulting. After the woman says “I don’t want a plan that costs me one of these and one of these,” holding up the mannequin body parts she also sputters out, “an arm and a leg”. The visual either should have been married with the words but this just looks like T-Mobile was worried that potential customers would be too dense to understand.

Their billboards for the plan fulfill the eyesore category. The boards are way too text heavy, even a copy lover, and do not provide enough reasons to switch to their service. Again, they may get a few people to convert on their price point but the sharp advertising that is put out by competitors makes T-Mobile look like a regional carrier. It’s more disappointing than anything T-Mobile can’t seem to get a handle on a solid marketing strategy. Hopefully they reevaluate soon, that is if Deutche Telecom decides not to spin off the wavering brand.


If you have yet to see the ‘You got it, America’ TV spot click here.