Weekly Linkly: cowering in a corner edition

Do you ever find yourself frightened, tucked into some kind of corner? Just because you started thinking about the minuscule scale of yourself against the wide world and winder universe. You know, the infinitesimal meaningless of it all? What's that? Ha, yah, me neither. But if you need me I'll be over here in this corner, clicking these links.


What happens when you die alone? The New York Times Investigates.

Behind the excellent Channel 4 (UK) rebrand.

An LA mansion was turned into a street art gallery.

The role of the fool. It's a brave one.

What if we made guns uncool like cigarettes? (And would it then make suicide very fashionable?)

Old Chicago bank becomes badass cultural center.

Mental health and advertising. If you respect yours, read this.

The lost art of copywriting.


Appel. The story of a true friendship.

Girl knows how to sing.

Fab squad.