Weekly Linkly

There was almost too much good stuff on the internet this week. Somehow I found the way to host it all here. Spoiler: it was science.

  • Patatap. A cool musical/visual thingy you can play around with.
  • Crazy, sprawling, excellent Dan Harmon interview. Parts one, two, and three.

Sponsored Tweet trolling:


Mark Dention critiques the D&AD press ad offerings for, er, D&AD.

'The Last Belle' from the director of Triplets of Belleville.

David Foster Wallace: "I think it's significant that we don't want things to be quiet ever anymore."

New Nike golf ad. Poking fun at sports tech luddites.

Lee Clow on Chiat and Day (the men, not the agency, but also how the men made the agency.)

Beautifully animated Talib Kweli music video for  'State of Grace'.

Sand castles etched onto a single grain of sand.

'Bibo' the saddest short film about a robot you may ever see.