Weekly Linkly (Monday Morning Edition)

The best of last week presented this week. Right now.

  • Dave Trott can't be bothered if you ask him to speak at you event without a reason. But can be bothered to write a post about just that.
  • "Puffed!" the story of how cereal came to be. (The puffed kind, at least. Flakes are a completely different story that involves less explosions. Making it decidedly less interesting.)
  • Northern Soul, the fantastic intersection of one-off Soul singles and the working class kids in northern England attempting to dance their faces off.

In case you ever need to use the restroom in space without training for years and years.

Banksy does video.

More Zamboni.

Online extra clip from Indie Game: The Movie. (Which you should see if you haven't.)

Sexy Synth Sexual Healing Remix.