Weekly Linkly

It's here. You're here. Let's forget our problems and run off and get married! Oh, you're not ready to get that serious. Okay. Well you can still check out this bouquet of stuff I got for you.


Old Spice Huey Lewis hair. Just go play with it.

"Stop collaborating with me, you dirty, dirty collaborator!" The Collaboration Myth by Sell! Sell!

Advertising thoughts on Advertising Thoughts from Erwin Rommel by George Tannenbaum.

University Challenge from Dave Trott about the important giving people something to remember you by.

The most interesting interview with a grave digger I've ever heard.

MIT's Fusion Center gets its groove back. Or whatever fusion centers get back when they get their federal funding back.


Dave Trott's excellent series on his approach to advertising. It's worth way more than the 40 minutes it takes to watch no matter what your billable rate is. (via Ben Kay)

Sony's ad for what's most assuredly the most easy to lose camera you'll ever own. Nice trains though.

Richard Ayoade's new movie looks terrifying. I am going to force everyone to see this. 

Best cooking lesson you'll ever get.