George Lois Has A New Book!

And it has quite a few things going for it.

1. It's George Lois. That means it will be full of great advice, acerbic wit, confidence.

2. It's published by Phaidon. They simply do not make bad books. Their books are always well art directed. Always well written. Always a good length. They also print on a thicker stock. If you know Paul Arden's books, you know Phaidon.

3. It's $9.95. Other, older, Lois books go for well over $100. They are fantastic books, I was lucky enough to work with people who owned "Lois on Advertising," but most people don't have that kind of money lying around. Affordable George Lois is a very good thing indeed.

4. It tells you whether or not you're in the target market. Right in the title. "Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!)." Even if you think you don't have any talent(!), you might want to check this out. A professor of mine once kicked everyone out of class who hadn't read the material for the day. At the end of class he said, "If any of you still here didn't do the reading, but had the intelligence to stay anyway, that's good. You stole the lesson. I would have done the same." Steal the lessons in this book.

5. It comes out March 26th. If you don't have $10 to spend on it now, save $2 a week and buy it then.

Now, after all that convincing, here's the link. Go buy it now.

(Hat tip to Dave Trott for tweeting about this earlier)