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Weekly Linkly is back. As is—dare I say it—good work! I've seen more good work this week than I can remember in a very long while. Here's the business:

Can't put my finger on what I like so much about this ad. I've watched it 5 times and still want to watch it again, so it must be good. Thanks to AdVerve for the find.

The new Axe ads remind me of the great series Errol Morris did for High Life. They had me, for a brief moment, consider picking up some Axe body wash next time I'm at the store. The moment has passed. See the rest on Ben Kay's blog.

Google's Project Re:Brief. Any lover of advertising has to be teeming with jealously over the googlers getting to work with these ads/creatives.

Insane ant photography. This man is some sort of twisted genius. See the rest.

    Don't Just Think. #Thinkpredatory

    Dave Trott's agency CST The Gate has released a new site dedicated to Predatory Thinking. It's a collection of stories/quips where people redefined the world on their terms. The kind of stuff that we hear about and say, "That's brilliant!"

    I love when new sources of inspiration like this pop up. Go visit.

    Predatory thinking. Street smarts. Whatever you want to call it, it's about writing the rules on your terms, rather than following someone else's; it's about changing behaviour through reframing a story or changing the context; it's about seeking unfair advantage to outmanoeuvre the competition.

    The Best Posts I Encountered in 2011 (pt.2 AKA the exciting conclusion!)

    Welcome back. I hope you've had time enough to digest the monstrous number of posts I presented in the first part of this. Though 2012 is already upon us I have the best posts from the second half of 2011 to share. That's not a bad thing. Learning from the best that the past had to offer isn't a terrible affliction. Besides, good ideas tend to get repeated year after year (like this excellent Ira Glass video) enjoy part 2.

    First, make rice - Seth Godin
    This is included because it is the one post that has been stuck in my mind since I read it. Seriously. It's short but imparts a great lesson about really learning a craft. Building a strong foundation before we are entranced by shiny technology. (Fun fact "sushi" does not mean raw fish, it means "with rice." So the next time somebody says "I don't like sushi, I hate fish," you have full permission to smack them upside the head. Or verbally, whichever you prefer.)

    What's your short cut? - Vinny Warren
    This is great to read if you feel like you're just spinning your wheels. Instead of digging yourself out of a rut it's important to think about what you really want to do, and how to do that. It worked for Vinny.

    Unfortunately... - David Oakley
    Losing sucks. Especially losing a pitch you feel you deserved to win. This post is about adding some perspective (a theme of 2011) to the loss. If you don't get hired by an agency, and someone you know who does completely different work does, it's not always you. But this shouldn't be mistaken as a cop-out.

    Whatever you're making, make it way better than it has to be. - Luke Sullivan
    I liked this piece so much that I blogged about it the day it came out. I think we are nearing the release date for the next edition of Hey Whipple (which includes this piece) so if you've worn out the binding on yours you should wait on a copy to come out. Simply put this is a really good post.

    The Twitter - mtlb
    AKA talk how people talk. If you're not being authentic in your own stream how can anybody trust you? Cool video of Penn Gillette talking about how to communicate with people.

    Speaking Of Shyness - Russell Davies
    Honestly this doesn't have much to do with advertising. However, it did have a whole lot to do with understanding myself. If you think you may be every the tiniest bit introverted you should read it.

    Infidelity, Inertia and Unsegmented Markets: The Impossibility of 'Alienating' Consumers And Why Marketingland Needs To Man Up - Martin Weigel
    Settle in for a very, very, very long read. Every bit of it is important because it champions the idea that good, interesting work is worth alienating a few people. It's about combating the bad. You don't want to be bad, do you?

    Fail Upwards and On Losing Your Marbles - Dave Trott
    Two of the most memorable posts Dave put out last year. I am almost certain I posted about them here before and I know that I tweeted them. Needless to say, Dave's blogs are worth reading. But if you're stubborn at least read these two. (The first taste is always free)

    Thank you all for reading again. Best of luck in 2012 and do keep reading. There's only better stuff to come. Promise. And, as always, leave something in the comments if you have something to say.

    Weekly Linkly

    It's been a while, but Weekly Linkly back. If anything it's a nice break from Christmas music.

    *Bonus points if you recognize this reference to Futurama. Too bad bonus points are relatively worthless here.

    Weekly Linkly ("It's a New Year" Edition)

    Well it's a new year for us Jews and a new weekend for the rest of you. Here's a bunch of links from this week and last week, that I forgot to post was saving for you. Enjoy the New Yearly freshness.


    *John Logan wrote this speech

    The most identifiable lyrics that aren't lyrics.

    An aurally pleasing event from Mother NY and Kyocera. (via)

    Awesome ad for Big Game Hunter 2011. Agency: 72 and Sunny.

    The best political ad you'll see this season. "What's good, is to get these goats for our computer industry.

    Weekly Linkly (Labor Day Blowout Special)

    We're selling links of all shapes and sizes! Drop on by today and buy, buy, BUY!

    And we've got plenty of video too:

    A London bus tour that "made London look cool like New York." (via)

     Laughs from the uber talented Everynone.

    Show this to your friends when they say they don't understand why color grading matters.