When you drill down deep--real, real, deep--all you'll find is me clutching my weekly linklys.

Mind taking a look at all this stuff since you're already here? Will only take a minute.


  • Clickhole.com. Infinitely clickable. Probably more interesting than any other clickbait site on the internet.


What you'll be if you don't read this presentation by W+K's Martin Weigel. (via Sell! Sell!)


Please use this song in a commercial. (via @Awoooooga)

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin went to Russia. Shot a video for their song "Young Presidents."

Why is ketchup so hard to pour?

Smoking. Also hard.

This space intentionally left blank for that hamster eating a burrito video everyone has already seen. 

Weekly Linkly

Lots of stuff for you all this weekend so let's dispense with the chit chat and head straight to the links.


  • Writing Tips from George Tannenbaum. And good ones at that.


Harold Ramis' advice to filmmakers. (via @RobSchrab)

News report about Kenyan slang contains three languages. Puts US news to shame.

New Richmond Sausages ad from Saatchi London.

Most amazing instrument I've even seen.

Impressive security cam footage. 

Teaser for the upcoming Harmontown Documentary.

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Weekly Linkly

Hello. Hello. I do hope you can read this. I've spent the week speaking Finnish and thinking in Mandarin. that's not true. But I've spent the week thinking about speaking Finnish and thinking in Mandarin. It didn't work out so well. So here's some interesting links/videos to make up for that.


  • Martin Weigel's "Against Nostalgia". It's long. It'll make you squirm if you enjoy Buzzfeed or reminiscing about the "better" times. But that's the point.
  • Dave Dye's excellent post about Tom McElligott. Tom was the McElligott in Fallon McElligott before they dropped his name for reasons no one can seem to comprehend. He also made some of the smartest written print ads in the 80s and 90s. (Including a Porsche ad about penis size.) 
  • There's a term for carrying out evil acts to become famous: Herostratus.


Excellent ad for the Sunday Times. (via Ben Kay)

Nice short film about the nature of love and soul mates. Done by an agency! 

Also from Ben Kay. Brilliant talk about the nature of "writing" jokes or anything, really.

The entire soundtrack from "Her" if that's of any interest to you.

Weekly Linkly

Weekly Linkly is back. As is—dare I say it—good work! I've seen more good work this week than I can remember in a very long while. Here's the business:

Can't put my finger on what I like so much about this ad. I've watched it 5 times and still want to watch it again, so it must be good. Thanks to AdVerve for the find.

The new Axe ads remind me of the great series Errol Morris did for High Life. They had me, for a brief moment, consider picking up some Axe body wash next time I'm at the store. The moment has passed. See the rest on Ben Kay's blog.

Google's Project Re:Brief. Any lover of advertising has to be teeming with jealously over the googlers getting to work with these ads/creatives.

Insane ant photography. This man is some sort of twisted genius. See the rest.

    Weekly Linkly

    Weekly Linkly is back after a far too long hiatus. We've got links, we've got videos, we've got a little bit of everything for anyone. All for the shockingly low price of $0.00. It's been bugging me that I let this go so it's back in full force. Enjoy!

    A quick glimpse into the food of Vietnam (which I happen to be a big fan of).

    • Crabs. This is how you prepare them. This is how you eat them. This is how you write about them. (It reminds me of the long copy I'm so fond of in The Copy Book)

    This documentary is going to dabble in a lot of interesting things. Very excited to see it/fund it.

    The Van Halen Brown M&M's story. This is the stuff of lore. (via)

    • One of the creators of Makin Ads set up a new site. You can get ideas for stuff to put into your book, or get your book reviewed by a senior creative. Check it out.

    Werner Herzog is just the right kind of crazy/brilliant. I'll never be able to look at chickens the same way.

    Weekly Linkly

    It's been a while, but Weekly Linkly back. If anything it's a nice break from Christmas music.

    *Bonus points if you recognize this reference to Futurama. Too bad bonus points are relatively worthless here.

    Weekly Linkly ("It's a New Year" Edition)

    Well it's a new year for us Jews and a new weekend for the rest of you. Here's a bunch of links from this week and last week, that I forgot to post was saving for you. Enjoy the New Yearly freshness.


    *John Logan wrote this speech

    The most identifiable lyrics that aren't lyrics.

    An aurally pleasing event from Mother NY and Kyocera. (via)

    Awesome ad for Big Game Hunter 2011. Agency: 72 and Sunny.

    The best political ad you'll see this season. "What's good, is to get these goats for our computer industry.

    Weekly Linkly (Labor Day Blowout Special)

    We're selling links of all shapes and sizes! Drop on by today and buy, buy, BUY!

    And we've got plenty of video too:

    A London bus tour that "made London look cool like New York." (via)

     Laughs from the uber talented Everynone.

    Show this to your friends when they say they don't understand why color grading matters.