Step away from the kickstarter bauble and back this movie.

Some crowdfunding efforts are impossible to understand. America probably doesn't need another $40 bottle opener "multi-tool" but those get funded with the regularity of a man on a full fiber diet.

My friend joe has an IndieGoGo campaign that's a little different.

It's all sorts of ambitious. The goal is big (not hollywood blockbuster big, but still hollywood big). He's trying to raise $180,000 which is just a fraction of the cash he actually needs to make the film, but enough to get other investors on board.

So why should you help out? Because he's trying to make some good art. Then help more good art get made. Because he plans to take 10% of the profits from this movie and invest them back into other projects. Hopefully creating a self-sustaining system outside of major studios for years and years. 

But Jeff, couldn't I just give to other independent projects *I'm* interested in? You could, sure. And I think you still should. But that's missing the point. He's trying to help rally against a system that, although it shouldn't, often rewards celebrity rather than merit. To help people like him rather than ask for help in the future. 

It sucks to ask for money. It sucks to be put in a position where someone is asking you for money. But with the amount of forethought and drive of Joe I think this is a pretty good cause.

Plus, if you have any interest in seeing a tongue-in-cheek movie about kick-ass Jews kicking ass this is just about your only chance.

So please go check out the page and give a few bucks. Or go chip off a bit of your pocket cash (a cool ten thousand) and become an executive producer. Either way I know he'd really appreciate it.

(And here's the sizzle reel if you're still not convinced. One of the lead actors is Jonathan Lipnicki of Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little fame.)