Good Advice From Chris Rock

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. One of my favorites (and I know how late I am to this) is WTF with Marc Maron. Maron is a comic's comic and has some of the greatest interviews I've ever heard. Every interview is chock-full of quotes about advice, inspiration, and perseverance.

He talks to some of the best people in any field and gets the story of their lives. You also get a little bit more of Marc's story with every episode.

The episode I'm listening to now has Chris Rock as the guest. I didn't know what to expect from this interview but loved these quotes in the first 5 minutes of the recording:

It's weird, because I know the young comics listen to this, I always tell comics—they always ask me, you know, guys ask me questions—and I'm like, 'dude you hang with too many people. You have to be alone. you have to live in your head.'

You know I just see comics go into clubs like girls going to a fucking club. It's like, "We're all going to the club!" Shut the, what the fuck are you doin? You gotta go by yourself. You gotta fucking take a drive. You gotta listen to music. You gotta get in that zone. You gotta live in ya head, man....I still live in my head.

I love to see other industries aren't that much different from advertising. Often the best advice for creating good advertising work doesn't come from advertising books or blogs. Listening to stuff like WTF helps me think differently. Makes me think about how things work in other industries and how I can apply that to my work.

WTF isn't always so inspirational. It's not always pretty. But it helps keep my head out of the advertising minutiae.