Sell! Sell! posted this ages ago on their blog. It's sat on my desktop for a great deal of time because I couldn't think of anything to add to it. I still don't have anything to add to it, but that's the point.

I like using this space to write. Not post things without comment. Not post short little quips. But there is a time, and now, a place to do that. Over the weekend I'll be working on a tumblr so that I can post all the coolness I find on a daily basis. This means videos, pictures, gifs, quotes, ect. It will be a relativly filterless view of the things I dig on a daily basis. I haven't gotten enough done yet to release it but the name is "Miscellany or, perhaps, something else entierly."

So what about this place? It'll still be here. Still devoted to wonderful, wonderful words. I love what Ad Caulk has done for my writing and growth. There will just be one more place to follow and interact with me on the 'net.

Who knows. This Tumblr thing could end horribly. But I do have a fairly excellent header for the page, and a sufficient amount of things to share.

Would you look at that? I finally found words to go with this picture. Progress!

Disney's MultiPlane Camera: Narrated By Disney

I did a project about Walt Disney The ManĀ® way back in 3rd grade. Two things he did really impressed me.

First, every night after Disney World closed he would walk around and clean the park. This includes scraping gum off of the paths. The man was a perfectionist.

Second, he created the MultiPlane camera. This added depth to animation AND CHANGED THINGS FOREVER. I had never seen any video of the camera in action until yesterday when someone* sent me this video. The way he explained things is pretty excellent.

*can't remember who, sorry.