Weekly Linkly

Weekly Linkly is back. As is—dare I say it—good work! I've seen more good work this week than I can remember in a very long while. Here's the business:

Can't put my finger on what I like so much about this ad. I've watched it 5 times and still want to watch it again, so it must be good. Thanks to AdVerve for the find.

The new Axe ads remind me of the great series Errol Morris did for High Life. They had me, for a brief moment, consider picking up some Axe body wash next time I'm at the store. The moment has passed. See the rest on Ben Kay's blog.

Google's Project Re:Brief. Any lover of advertising has to be teeming with jealously over the googlers getting to work with these ads/creatives.

Insane ant photography. This man is some sort of twisted genius. See the rest.