Weekly Linkly

Lots of stuff for you all this weekend so let's dispense with the chit chat and head straight to the links.


  • Writing Tips from George Tannenbaum. And good ones at that.


Harold Ramis' advice to filmmakers. (via @RobSchrab)

News report about Kenyan slang contains three languages. Puts US news to shame.

New Richmond Sausages ad from Saatchi London.

Most amazing instrument I've even seen.

Impressive security cam footage. 

Teaser for the upcoming Harmontown Documentary.

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Weekly Linkly

Hello. Hello. I do hope you can read this. I've spent the week speaking Finnish and thinking in Mandarin. that's not true. But I've spent the week thinking about speaking Finnish and thinking in Mandarin. It didn't work out so well. So here's some interesting links/videos to make up for that.


  • Martin Weigel's "Against Nostalgia". It's long. It'll make you squirm if you enjoy Buzzfeed or reminiscing about the "better" times. But that's the point.
  • Dave Dye's excellent post about Tom McElligott. Tom was the McElligott in Fallon McElligott before they dropped his name for reasons no one can seem to comprehend. He also made some of the smartest written print ads in the 80s and 90s. (Including a Porsche ad about penis size.) 
  • There's a term for carrying out evil acts to become famous: Herostratus.


Excellent ad for the Sunday Times. (via Ben Kay)

Nice short film about the nature of love and soul mates. Done by an agency! 

Also from Ben Kay. Brilliant talk about the nature of "writing" jokes or anything, really.

The entire soundtrack from "Her" if that's of any interest to you.