Weekly Linkly

Lots of stuff for you all this weekend so let's dispense with the chit chat and head straight to the links.


  • Writing Tips from George Tannenbaum. And good ones at that.


Harold Ramis' advice to filmmakers. (via @RobSchrab)

News report about Kenyan slang contains three languages. Puts US news to shame.

New Richmond Sausages ad from Saatchi London.

Most amazing instrument I've even seen.

Impressive security cam footage. 

Teaser for the upcoming Harmontown Documentary.

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Weekly Linkly (Labor Day Blowout Special)

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And we've got plenty of video too:

A London bus tour that "made London look cool like New York." (via)

 Laughs from the uber talented Everynone.

Show this to your friends when they say they don't understand why color grading matters.