Weekly Linkly ("It's a New Year" Edition)

Well it's a new year for us Jews and a new weekend for the rest of you. Here's a bunch of links from this week and last week, that I forgot to post was saving for you. Enjoy the New Yearly freshness.


*John Logan wrote this speech

The most identifiable lyrics that aren't lyrics.

An aurally pleasing event from Mother NY and Kyocera. (via)

Awesome ad for Big Game Hunter 2011. Agency: 72 and Sunny.

The best political ad you'll see this season. "What's good, is to get these goats for our computer industry.

Weekly Linkly (Labor Day Blowout Special)

We're selling links of all shapes and sizes! Drop on by today and buy, buy, BUY!

And we've got plenty of video too:

A London bus tour that "made London look cool like New York." (via)

 Laughs from the uber talented Everynone.

Show this to your friends when they say they don't understand why color grading matters.